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We have trained excessively in more than 200 years-worth of cocktail history. As such, our team is more than ready to deliver the classy historic twist to your events. Any theme from the Great Gatsby and 70’ies disco mayhem to Victorian England or the Wild West. We know what they were drinking and we dress for the occasion.

Our Services

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Private Partys

No matter what type of event or celebration you have in mind, it will be better with the presence of one of our professional bartenders. If you tell us how many guests you are expecting, then we help you design the menu. From there we sort out the rest. We bring the spirits. We bring the bar, the tools, the proper glassware and the professional, We squeeze the juices fresh. And we clean up everything afterwards.

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Digitalise system Replacing inefficient paper vouchers with a digital system. Load the vouchers onto the RFID wristbands and enable your attendees to redeem them with a quick tap.  

Load all your offerings food - drink even your ticket for entry. 

Though we can serve up to 4000 people at our 40ft bar, you may need something even bigger. If this is the case, we also have the experience and work with special providers to arrange these events.

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This is your day. We can help you make your special celebration even more memorable while also taking care of much of the burden of planning of your dream bar so you can focus on other more romantic things. We offer you to create bespoke Mr. and Mrs. cocktails for the event with tasting sessions before your big day to select the perfect menu


We are a bar-event company that takes care of everything. We have vast bar-experience ranging from Gatsby themed, large-scale corporate events to twenty-first birthdays with glowsticks-dancing and bass-pumping.

 We deliver unique and memorable events of high quality, classy, and classic fun.

 Cambridge Cocktail Company was born in the locales Cambridge. We are built on a foundation of experience from the London cocktail scene, involvement in the Cambridge bar industry, and familiarity with executing events all over UK.

Through our work, we aim to help people in the service industry with employment post-C-19.  .


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